First Wire Bank Online Banking


Important Information

Unless indicated otherwise by the context, "linked Business Development Bank accounts" or "linked accounts" refers to all of your accounts with Business Development Bank that you have linked to Online Banking or Transfers Outside Business Development Bank. “Business” includes sole proprietors, non-consumer business entities, and individual owners of the business, unless the context indicates otherwise.
B. Accepting the Agreement

When you use any of the Online Banking services described in this Agreement or Transfers Outside Business Development Bank, or authorize others to use them, you agree to the terms and conditions of the entire Agreement.
Transfer Fees for Transfers Outside of Business Development Bank Services.

Inbound transfers: There is no fee for transferring funds into your Business Development Bank personal accounts through online banking, regardless of the delivery speed you choose.

Outbound transfers: If you transfer funds to an account owned by you or someone else at another financial institution, it will attract some percentage of the total amount you are transferring.

Miscellaneous Fees: You will be charged for some fee for each transfer trace that you ask us to execute for you. International payments may be subject to additional fees charged by intermediary, receiving and beneficiary banks.